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Unfortunately, acts of violence upon innocent bystanders are all too common. These deadly scenarios can include active shooters, bomb threats, armed robberies, suspicious packages, and other serious and dangerous situations. These acts, most especially active shootings, occur in stadiums, schools, churches, malls, offices, concert halls, and on campuses and are happening anywhere, any time and to anyone. We owe it to those in our trust to be prepared with a site-specific plan of action, whether it’s through Gittings basic Active Shooter Preparedness Training or the more comprehensive Active Shooter Preparedness Certification.


Gittings can train your staff or group to have a clear preparedness plan in place for before, during and after an active shooter event. Gittings basic Active Shooter Preparedness Training will provide your group with a site-specific assessment, concrete recommendations and live training. Your staff or group will be provided a clear preparedness plan for before, during and after such an event. Gittings Active Shooter Preparedness Training is offered on two levels: basic training preparedness and a more comprehensive preparedness training certification.

The Active Shooter Training and Certification is a more comprehensive program that covers the complex elements involved in an active shooter situation. It will train your brain to empower you and your staff to survive. Your team, through live instruction, will learn how to “Run – Hide – Fight” and will receive specific instructions on how to protect your venue. Gittings qualified professionals will “train your brain” and empower your people to survive an active shooter.

With Active Shooter Training Certification, you will receive:

  • An Active Shooter Training Wall Plaque and Official Certificate for public display
  • The Gittings Active Shooter Training video, which cyou can use as a refresher or to train subsequent new employees
  • the T.E.A.M. Management Manual that includes critical, specific information for critical emergency operations and response, rally points, reunification center, and a training syllabus. It also includes official proof of certification, signed by Gittings Protective Security’s President.

If you are interested in preparing your business, school, or organization for an active shooter or other act of violence, and would like to know more about Gittings Threat Preparedness Training, click below. Or, we welcome you to contact us at or call us at (800) GITTINGS.