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Monitored Security, Access Control, And Security And Fire Alarms

Protecting your assets from both destructive external and internal forces is good business. No matter the size of your operation and no matter where you’re located, you can protect your people, products, grounds and facility with Gittings’ outstanding security services. From unauthorized entry to burglary and theft, fires, and property destruction, Gittings Protective Security can help you combat the many potential threats to your business and help protect your profitability.

Maximize Your Security, Minimize Your Risk

Think how deterrents such as simple card swipe access, live camera monitoring, and after hours security alarms and surveillance could protect your business. Gittings can design easy-to-use security solutions that cost-effectively addresses your unique challenges. Gittings’ menu of security options includes video surveillance and monitoring; intrusion detection; access control; smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection; and fire and security alarms. And, should the need ever arise, Gittings also has a Security Officer Division. Since 1989, Gittings has been supplying trained, professional guards — armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain clothed — to hundreds of businesses.

Gittings uses the best state-of-the-art technology, the most reliable equipment and only experienced, knowledgeable installers. If you’ve been considering protecting your people, products and facility, you can bank on Gittings to provide what you need.

Gittings welcomes your inquiries about your security needs. For more information or a Free Consultation, click below. Or, we welcome you to contact us at info@GittingsSecurity.com or call us at (800) GITTINGS.