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Gittings provides PI services to the insurance industry, TPAs, employers, attorneys and individuals throughout the US. For over twenty-five years, we’ve gathered and delivered the evidence and documentation our clients need and rely on us to get. Rest assured that at Gittings, every client matters, every case matters, and every outcome matters.

Fast Service, Accurate Information

Gittings Investigations is licensed in six states, and has strategic partnerships in many others. We are staffed by an elite corps of innovative professional investigators. These highly trained teams meet client needs quickly, accurately and responsibly. Our experienced, knowledgeable case managers are available 24 hours a day, every day. Our private investigators are equipped with the latest, most sophisticated hi-tech covert surveillance gear, and state-of-the art communications tools and intelligence gathering resources available.

Easy, Convenient Client Access

Referring your case is as easy, confidential and immediate as filling out our secure online Refer a Case form, emailing us at, or by calling (800) GITTINGS. Gittings PI case managers are ready to serve you.


Claims Services

Gittings Investigations is known for superior claims investigations, support and related services. We serve most of the top names in the insurance industry and SIU departments. Within 24 hours, Gittings Rapid Recon provides you with a comprehensive 25 to 30 page report. The day after each day of surveillance, you will receive a video link, which can be forwarded to the insured, defense counsel and IME physicians.

  • Rapid Recon/Social Media Investigations
  • Surveillance and Activity Checks
  • Background Checks/Internet/Social Networks
  • IME Transport/Reports
  • DMV/Vehicles Insurance/Registration Searches
  • Medical Canvasses
  • Asset, Database Searches
  • Vehicle and Scene Photography/Videography
  • Accident Reconstruction By Certified Expert
  • Skip/Trace/Location/Identification Of Witnesses
  • Police Reports Recovery/Public Records Searches
  • Document Services

Time And Money Saving

Employer Services

You can count on Gittings PI services to get the vital employee background information that you need when you need it.

  • Rapid Recon/Social Media Searches
  • Employee Screenings
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Hidden Camera Surveillance
  • Expert Polygraph Examinations

Expert, Professional

Attorney Services

Gittings PI services provide the kind of expert, professional support that is so crucial to the legal profession.

  • Rapid Recon/Social Media Searches
  • Recorded Witness Statements
  • Scene Photography/Videography
  • Skip/Trace/Locate
  • Public Records Searches
  • Surveillance
  • Process Serving

Gittings welcomes your inquiries about your security needs. For more information or a Free Consultation, click below. Or, we welcome you to contact us at or call us at (800) GITTINGS.


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